The purpose of the waiter and bartender curriculum is to prepare skilled waiter and bartender who is able to work in various catering enterprises. This programme is intended for initial vocational education and training. The programme contains 6 compulsory modules:

  • Preparation for guests service;
  • Guests service;
  • Special orders service;
  • Bar preparation and guests service;
  • Organization of bartender‘s work;
  • Preparation and service of beverages, cocktails, simple cold and hot snacks.

Also 3 optional modules:

  • Preparation of dishes;
  • Choosing and serving drinks;
  • Making and serving various flavors coffee.

During the evaluation of competences will be evaluated guests service and bartender‘s work competences. Persons who acquired waiter and bartender‘s qualification can work in the catering sphere, also continue their studies by completing higher education study programmes.