The purpose of the programme is to prepare a qualified cook who is aware of the novelties of gastronomy, searches for new ideas in making dishes, tries to achieve the wholeness of taste, is able to interpret and combine food products. This programme is intended for initial vocational education and training. The programme consists of 7 compulsory modules:

  • Order in the kitchen.
  • Preparation for making dishes.
  • Preparation of soups, hot dishes and sauces, their decoration and quality evaluation.
  • Preparation of sweet dishes, their decoration and quality evaluation.
  • Preparation of salad, snacks and cold dishes, their decoration and quality evaluation.
  • Making and serving dishes for parties.
  • Work with documents.

The programme offers 3 optional modules:

  • Making pastries.
  • Preparation of healthy food dishes.
  • Preparation of Lithuanian traditional national dishes.

The content of modules consists of theoretical and practical training. During the personal evaluation of qualification the following competences are evaluated:

  • preparation of foodstuffs and making precooked dishes;
  • making and serving soups, sauces, main courses, side dishes, snacks, desserts and pastries.

Persons having acquired cook‘s qualification will be able to work in the catering sphere, also to continue their studies in higher educational establishments.